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Metropolitan Glitch

Metropolitan Glitch

Representation of a social crisis through handwoven silk

Urbanisation is not a crisis but an opportunity where the definition of beauty has been changing drastically.

Single Ikat Patola stoles inspired from Metropolitan glitch. Urbanisation forces an individual to accept imperfections; it challenges the nature of beauty. 


The collection depicts a story; just like a person’s flaws (glitches) that are always buried deep within but are slowly broken free and accepted in this ever changing metropolitan world. Glitches start as distorted lines and slowly break free.  

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The focus is to challenge the perception of beauty where global activities influence art and craft.

Glitch effects add on to the hazy effects of Ikat overlaid with modern digital effects for casual cotton qualities. 

Creating blurred stripes, dynamic diagonal patterns, mixed scales, or chevrons using textured yarns, painted warps, weft or even printed designs to give a fresh looks.

Concepts developed were handwoven in silk by using the technique of Single Ikat Weaving, prior to this a 6 month study was done to understand the craft, it's process and the people who practice it. After understanding the traditional motifs, innovative colours and patterns were used to create contemporary stoles.

This was a group project and each member developed their own stole design.



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Image Credits : WGSN Trend Forecast, Pinterest

Made in Collaboration with

Organisation - DC Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India

Craftsperson - Mr.Mukeshbhai Jeevabhai Rathod


Research Document

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