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Creative glass panels

Touch of Glass

Fusing Materiality

A collection of mixed media glass panels developed for Modern Bazar's new venture - 'Touch of Glass'. 

The products range from - partition panels, wall cladding, table tops, wardrobe and kitchen shutters. I was eager to incorporate the wastage generated by the factory to develop some unique products.

Materials Used - Plastic wastage, stained glass wastage, mesh, fabrics, rice paper, resin, fluted glass, clear glass, float glass, reflective mirrors, mirror.

I have explored a variety of techniques to make the panels interesting - Corrosion with Rust as well as corroding glass with acid, Lamination of plastic wastage by creating panels of plastic, stained glass wastage from other projects and fabric lamination. 

Rust, Mesh and Glass

Acid Corrosion and Glass

Plastic wastage and Glass

Stained Glass Wastage

Made in Collaboration with

Craftsperson - Mr.Muslim 

Raw Material (Colour) - IDC Pidilite and Technovace

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