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Drought landing

A glimmer of hope

Interpretations of drought in Rajasthan

A collection of bags and footwear inspired from life that prevails during drought. Drought is a prevalant condition in aird regions, caused due to water scarcity. It is a frequent condition occuring in Rajasthan; people of Rajasthan have experienced it at some point in their lives. Also, the terrain in Rajasthan is dry and dusty. 


Elements of Drought have been taken and combined with small motifs and froms depicting life; therefore justyfing the name of the collection ‘ A glimmer of hope’. The artisans had an interesting interpretation of drought after a disussion, they tried to depict the difficulties faced by them and the hope they always held onto fabric.


Even though all the colour from life has been drained, one day it will be vibrant again. The surfaces were developed using Khadi; khadi gives a raw look to the products. The surfaces have been worked on with zari and silk threads to emphasize ‘hope’.

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 8.55.13 PM.png
Messenger edit.jpg
potli edit.jpg
Laptop bag.jpg
Tote edit.jpg

Drawings inspired from the theme were translated onto fabric using the desired fabric and colours. 

Patterns of footwear were traced onto the tracing paper, then the detailed design was drawn as and where required.

Surface work was done according to the product, keeping in mind the durability and product use.

Pinning the khakha (Design on tracing paper) and chappai (transferring the design onto the fabric)

Cutting , turpai(folding edges) and embroidery as per the design requirement.

The artisans also worked with interesting techniques such as using herringbone to emboss the reverse applique fabric by using colour on colour.

Sandwich a cord between two fabrics and using buttonhole to put it in place and also adding a design element, fabric edges were left unfinished for a raw finish.

Boots edit.jpg
brogues edit.jpg

Process and Concepts

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new doc 2019-02-20 14.48.32_5.jpg
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Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 8.50.53 PM.png

Made in Collaboration with

Organisation - Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. Of India

Facilitator - Sadhna, Udaipur

Craftsperson - Sonal Chejjad, Samina Naaz, Rani Yadav, Nafisa, Kailash Prajapat. Farida Sharif, Lalita Yadav, Saira Bhanu, Shabana, Afsana Sheikh, Nasim, Mumtaz, Shabana Bhanu, Nafisa Irshad, Farida Hussain, Shama Bhanu, Salma Bhanu


Research Document

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